Kim Petersen is the talented Owner and Creator of Brushstrokes and Bouquets. She has combined her impeccable aesthetic and talents to create a small town boutique that caters to a variety of needs. Her brand is inspired by vintage Ralph Lauren and the sacred feel of the American Southwest. 

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bouquets and brushstrokes

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 I’ve long admired Ashley’s work and the emotion it created within me and knew she was ultimately the person I would go to for my logo. She provided so much more.

First, she educated me that there is so much more to my business than just a logo. She asked very thought provoking questions to help me pinpoint the exact feel I wanted to create. She was so patient with me running through many different styles. Once we started creating a brand idea, she took all of my thoughts and elevated them. That’s the best way to describe what she does. What you think you like, she takes it and elevates it to what you love. Her creations have heart and soul and make me want to do better with her art. 

kim petersen

Bouquets and Brushstrokes




the nibby manifesto

I believe in the ultimate satisfaction of a life well-lived. In not having to choose between prioritizing work over family. I believe in the extraordinary beauty of personal relationships and the influence they have over us to change the world for the better. I believe that good design should be deemed a necessity for living, not a luxury. I affirm my own power to cultivate and manifest an abundant life for myself, and to encourage and nurture a culture of love, faith and light on behalf of my community.  And I believe in the divine commission over us all to help others seize their own potential and ultimately design a life they love.